Company law

Company law is the legal framework that governs the creation, operation, and dissolution of companies. It covers a wide range of legal issues, including corporate governance, corporate finance, securities law, mergers and acquisitions, and insolvency.

In Ireland, company law is regulated by the Companies Act 2014, which provides the legal basis for the creation and operation of companies in the country. This Act sets out the various types of companies that can be established in Ireland, such as private companies limited by shares, public companies, and unlimited companies. It also outlines the procedures and requirements for the formation of companies, such as the minimum number of directors and shareholders required, and the rules for the issuance of shares.

Corporate governance is another key aspect of company law, which involves the management and control of companies. This includes the roles and responsibilities of directors, the duties they owe to the company and its shareholders, and the mechanisms for shareholder engagement and decision-making.

Company law also covers corporate finance and securities regulation, which involves the raising of capital by companies through the issuance of shares or debt securities, and the rules governing the sale and trading of these securities in the financial markets.

In the event of a company’s insolvency or financial distress, company law provides the legal framework for the administration of the company’s affairs and the distribution of its assets to its creditors.

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