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Our solicitors are well experienced in various aspects of law and are best placed to offer you legal advice, opinion and representation.

About Us

Solicitors Dublin is a team of solicitors who provide legal services to clients in the Dublin as well as nationwide. Our solicitors are experienced in a variety of legal areas, and we are dedicated to providing quality legal services to our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand their legal options and that they are able to make the best decisions for their situation. We strive to provide cost-effective legal services that meet the needs of our clients.

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Solicitors Dublin: The Overview

We, Solicitors Dublin, is a team of professional solicitors based in Dublin, Ireland. The firm specialises in wide range of practice areas that includes employment law, family law, personal injury law, property law, medical negligence law, defamation law etc. and also represents private clients in a range of other legal matters.

The solicitors Dublin team comprises experienced solicitors who are experts in their field and who are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients. The firm is based in Dublin city centre, and its solicitors are available to meet with clients at their convenience.

The law firm provides a comprehensive legal service to its clients, and its solicitors are experienced in dealing with a wide range of legal issues with reputation. The firm’s solicitors are also experienced in representing clients in court (high court, supreme court) if needed, and they have a proven track record in achieving successful outcomes for their clients. The professional solicitors provide legal advice to their clients in a cost efficient way and deliver essential outcome.

Why us (Solicitors Dublin)?

We have a vast expertise in dealt with various types of legal issues such as:
divorce and family law, personal injury and medical negligence law, domestic, corporate, company law, defamation law, employment law, etc.

  • Our law firm is based in Dublin and our solicitors are professional in service.
  • We respond as early as possible after receiving a clients query
  • We assist our clients what to do, how to do and when to do.
  • Convenient contact through email, Phone call, online meeting, office visit,Whats app, etc.
  • All our solicitors have great expertise related to their field
  • We keep our clients update to date regarding their case and our solicitors are aware of latest news of government laws, rules and regulations.
  • We cover all sorts of practice areas of law
  • We have a great records of client satisfaction and we are highly recommended professionals.
  • You can book an appointment to our office at Dublin

Therefore, if you are looking for any kinds of legal service from experienced solicitors in Dublin, no need to go extra mile, just fill up the form below and describe your issue or ask for an appointment, our solicitors will revert you within the quickest possible time.

About our website

Solicitors-Dublin.com is a website run by some professional lawyers from different field of law who are based in Dublin.

Frequently Asked Question

Who will contact me after filling up the form?

Ans: An experienced solicitor will be in touch with you after receiving a query.

When may I expect a reply after sending a query?

Ans: We try our best to reply as quickly as possible, generally within 24 hours for sure.

Which solicitors are available in your team?

Ans: Our team consist of  family solicitors, divorce solicitors, injury solicitor, medical negligence, employment, defamation, fintech, probate, Company law, etc.

Do you provide free consultation?
Ans: Yes. We provide free consultation for a specific period of time.

Our Solicitors

Family law solicitors: Family law solicitors are professionals who help people with family law issues. They can assist individuals with divorces, custody disputes, and other family law matters. Family law solicitors can also provide advice on financial issues related to family law matters.

Divorce solicitors: Divorce solicitors are professionals who help couples through the process of splitting up. They can provide advice on how to go about getting a divorce, help negotiate terms, and represent couples in court. They also often offer mediation services.

Personal injury solicitors: Personal injury solicitors are lawyers who specialize in representing people who have been injured in accidents or as a result of other types of injuries. They often work with insurance companies to get money for their clients, and may also help them file a lawsuit if they believe they have been wronged.

Medical negligence solicitors: Medical negligence solicitors are a group of lawyers who specialize in representing clients in medical negligence cases. They can help people who have been harmed by the actions or omissions of healthcare professionals. A medical negligence solicitor will investigate the case and try to get the client as much compensation as possible.

Property solicitors: Property solicitors are professionals who help people buy, sell, or lease property. They may work for a real estate company or on their own. They usually have a degree in business or law. They might also have experience in the property industry. Property solicitors usually work with clients to find the best property for them and to negotiate the best deal.

Employment law solicitors: Employment law solicitors represent employees in disputes with their employers, including wrongful dismissal, redundancy, harassment, and discrimination. They can help employees to understand their rights and to take action if they believe that they have been wronged. Employment law solicitors can also advise employees on how to negotiate a fair settlement with their employer.

Defamation solicitors: Defamation solicitors are people who work specifically to sue people for defamation. They can be employed by companies looking to sue their competitors, or individuals who hope to receive money from someone they have defamed. Defamation solicitors typically have a good deal of experience in law, and often have a degree in law or a related field. They will often work with a team of lawyers, and will often be very familiar with the legal system.

Litigation Solicitors: Litigation solicitors are lawyers who help clients initiate or defend lawsuits. They may work for law firms, government agencies, or private companies. Litigation solicitors typically have a degree in law and experience in the legal field. They may also have certification in legal practice or litigation. Litigation solicitors help their clients by researching the law, preparing documents, and contacting witnesses.

Road traffic accident solicitor Dublin: Road traffic accident solicitors are people who specialise in helping people who have been involved in a road traffic accident. They can provide advice on what to do if you are injured in an accident, help get you the compensation you deserve, and represent you in any legal proceedings that may follow. They can be very helpful if you have been hit by someone else’s negligence or if the car or driver responsible has not followed the correct road safety guidelines.

Work Accident Solicitors Dublin: Work accident solicitors are law professionals that specialize in representing employees who have been injured in work-related accidents. They can help employees receive the compensation they deserve, and can also advise them on safety precautions they should take to avoid future accidents.

Commercial Solicitors Dublin: Commercial law is the body of law that governs business transactions and deals with a wide variety of legal issues such as contracts, trademarks, trade secrets, and consumer protection. It also covers areas such as bankruptcy, insolvency, and corporate governance. Commercial law deals with the ethical and legal questions that arise in the context of commerce.


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